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Photo courtesy of Jared Ducote of Ducote Lures

   Clear Shield-HD is a coating that has its roots in my former company Lamar Fishing Products. Lamar was a product development company I started in 1997 that specialized in designing innovative items for the fishing rod industry. Among our lineup was a product called ThreadMaster Guide Wrap finish. Up until that time all two part epoxies being used the rod industry were merely repackaged casting resins that were absolutely not designed for outdoor use. When ThreadMaster hit the market in 2005, it quickly became the benchmark for long term clarity and UV resistance in the custom rod community. The success of ThreadMaster quickly spawned the low viscosity variant ThreadMaster Lite, as well as ChromaSeal color preserver, and the Ultimate Epoxy family of structural adhesives.The irony is that back in 2006, for a short time I contemplated the possibility of adapting ThreadMaster's UV inhibitor technology into a lure coating. Unfortunately the project never saw the light of day because of the rapid growth of Threadmaster. Although I sold Lamar in 2008, the ThreadMaster family of finishes and adhesives has continued to be a top seller in the industry for almost 14 years!

   In 2015 I started Axis Outdoor Products to bring cutting edge adhesive technology to the custom knife making industry under the trade name BladeBond. The BladeBond family of adhesives has become widely successful not only in the domestic market, but in the U.K. and Australia as well. BladeBond is currently being used in hundreds of small and medium sized knife shops around the globe, with several BladeBond users taking the top prize on A&E's hit series Forged in Fire. You can visit the Axis Outdoors Co. site here: You can visit the BladeBond website here:

   Earlier this year, as my love of rod building and fly tying began to resurface, I found myself involved with a group of fly tiers and lure makers on a couple of Facebook pages. One of the topics that occasionally came up was that of epoxy adhesives and finishes. To my surprise, most of what was being used as "coatings" were NOT designed as coatings at all! They were structural adhesives or casting resins that were never intended for direct long term exposure to environmental extremes. These types of resins because of their chemistry, will ALWAYS suffer from discoloration, checking cracking, and problems with application, most commonly bubble retention. When the members of those pages found out about my background, I was quickly "implored" to design a coating with the lure maker and fly tier in mind. After numerous conversations with two of the finest chemical engineers in the country, we came up with what I consider to be the first coating designed specifically for the lure maker and fly tier. The result is ClearShield-HD. ClearShield-HD features an optimized viscosity for ease of application and bubble release, as well as the same UV resistant technology that made ThreadMaster the standard by which all others are judged.

   It is my hope that you will be as pleased with ClearShield-HD as I am. If you're not, I'd be happy to hear any feedback, and if its feasible for us to make improvements we most certainly will. And lastly, I want to thank you for your business. It means a lot to me that you put your trust in us to produce top quality resins to protect and enhance your art. And if it helps you and your customers put more fish in the boat, so much the better!


Best Regards,


Andy Dear

Axis Outdoor Products